Custom Website Design

Meet specificity organizational requirements

Every organisation operates in a specific environment and coming up with solutions that meet those requirements is our specialty 

Why make custom website ?

A website with specific or unique function , can do more than give you online presence . It can actually give you a competitive edge , example other people may be selling their products through physical stores , having an online store can actually increase your sells as people would now be able to buy online.

What makes our approach different

As opposed to most people out there , we will not only meet your requirement but we will give FREE expert advice and consultancy to help to avoid any pitfalls which you might not see.

Website examples

Most industries have their own requirements based on the market they are operating in.There are different kinds of websites which include. 

E- Ecommerce website for any company that can sell products online e.g retail stores , fashion boutiques .

E-Learning sites- for educational institutions , that allow enrollment , online lessons for students and a whole lot of other functions

Donations website for non profit organisations that allow them to receive donations online

Blog and news sites-  where people can write articles about certian topics of their expertise or interest

Booking sites - for organisations that offer accommodation services 


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